Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sump pump failure in East Erie County

Customer woke up in the middle of the night to a storm. They went down to the basement and seen that the sump pump had stopped. With the amount of rain that was... READ MORE

A raised floor from water damage

This customer in Middleport suffered severe water loss due to heavy rains. They had no idea the kind of damage water can cause. SERVPRO came in and removed all ... READ MORE

Water supply line breaks in a homeowner's residence

A home in Lancaster New York woke up early in the morning for work only to find that a supply line under one of their sinks had broke. They had water all throug... READ MORE

Severe Sump pump failure in East Erie County home

A customer in East Erie County experienced a sump pump failure due to a heavy rain storm. This customers sump pump couldn't keep up with the over whelming amoun... READ MORE

Sewage back up in finished basement in Lancaster home

A sewage backup in this customer's Lancaster home caused severe damage to their recreational room. Recreational room consisted of drywall, carpet, and furniture... READ MORE

Water Damage? SERVPRO always ready to help

Customer was out of town and had a pipe freeze. It caused extensive water damage through out the home. SERVPRO of East Erie County, removed the damage floor and... READ MORE

Sump Pump Malfunction in Elma, NY Clean up by SERVPRO of East Erie County

A newly built home experience a malfunction in a sump pump causing water damage to the unfinished basement. The plumber felt the sump pump malfunctioned simply ... READ MORE

Hot Water Tank Burst in Sloan, NY

The old hot water tank finally kicked the bucket and unfortunately while the customer was out of town. The neighbor discovered the flooded basement while he wa... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Lancaster, NY

Unfortunately this customer in Lancaster, NY was out of town and came home to a flooded basement. A heavy rain storm passed by producing several inches of rain... READ MORE